Golf Cart Rentals

Cart Rental Pricing

Minimum Rental:

(1 day / Saturday only / etc)

2 Seater                                                        $105*

4 Seater                                                        $125*

6 Seater                                                        $175*

Cargo                                                            $125*

Per Day Rates

(2 or more days): 

2 Seater                                                        $65*

4 Seater                                                        $75*

6 Seater                                                        $100*

Cargo                                                            $75*

*No deliveries or pick ups on Saturday or Sunday
*All rentals are subject to a delivery fee
*Payment, signed rental waiver, and instructions on cart operation must be completed prior to delivery
*Charitable & otherwise sales tax exempt organizations will be asked to provide exempt certificates
*Damage Deposit may be required on any cart rental
*Prices are subject to change without prior notice