Alltrax 24-48V Controller


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Alltrax NPX4834 Motor Controller

These units are designed for **** **mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0in;padding:0in">OEM (Original Equipment** **Manufacturers)** stock replacement controllers for stock carts with **** **mso-border-alt:none windowtext 0in;padding:0in">stock motors only** . With a peak current rating they are not designed for lifted
or high performance vehicles. The design follows the motor manufacturers
current and power.

Battery Voltage, 24-48V

Current Limit (Peak), 300 Amp,

2 Min Rating, 275 Amp, 300 Amp

1 Hour Rating, 125 Amp, 135 Amp

Voltage Drop(*) @100Amp, <0.30V, <0.13V Tax and Shipping not included in price.


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