Make your ride look like it drove off the magazine covers

Here at Cady's Cars, the "Cady" is synonomous with custom. We will use our combined years of experience to help you impress the neighbors or to simply add a few select creature comforts to your vehicle. Full surrounds for carts separate a driver from the elements and make the golf cart a year-round vehicle.

Invision stomping through snow drifts in your lifted cart with twenty horse power motor and mud tires. No need to plow the drive way, the cart will get you to the mailbox. Heck, you could even pull the kids around when the ski hills are too far away.

Plan on driving at night? Cady's Cars installs custom light kits to fit body lines on all makes and models. We can make your cart street legal for your golf cart community.

Cady's Cars has teamed up with Aluma Trailers® to offer a cart with a flat bed trailer. Go to a lot of auctions or craft fairs? This cart would get you around to the sites and carry the bulky cargo with ease. This set-up can be added to any make cart, new or used.

These are just to name a few of the creations from Cady's Cars and Trailers. Reach us at 1-(309)-688-1264 and tell us about your ideas. If you can dream it, we can make that a reality!

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