The American LandMaster Story

American LandMaster has a rich history in the off-road vehicle manufacturing industry. Formerly Brister’s Design & Manufacturing and Manco Powersports, both domestic manufacturers were founded almost 60 years ago and joined in 2007 to create a powerhouse company called American SportWorks.

When you go with American LandMaster, you’re choosing a product with high standards, strict quality control, and above all American made. There’s a lot of value in the LandMaster line of vehicles including all steel frame, AGM batteries, aggressive off-road tires, commercial-grade engines, roof and windshield included, and more!


We're not just importing crates from China and assembling them here in the US like other brands, we're building UTVs from the ground up right here in Columbia City, Indiana, USA. When you buy a LANDMASTER you support jobs for our employees, suppliers, and dealers. Plus you become part of the heritage and legacy of owning a machine built by hardworking Americans.


  • OVERHEAD BARS ROPS CERTIFIED (Roll Over Protection). Our all-steel framed standard and crew vehicles provide protection both inside and outside the vehicle for you, your passengers, and all your critical vehicle components.
  • ENGINEERED FOR SERVICEABILITY. Oil change, air filter, fuse box, brake pads - If you do your own work, you can complete the service and get back to work quickly. If you’re not as handy and need to take your unit into a service center, this means lower labor costs to you.
  • HIGH IMPACT / HIGH TEMP RESISTANT BUSHINGS. Built to withstand high-impacts, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and continuous motion. These bushings are over the top and ready for the harsh outdoors.
  • CALIPER-MOUNTED PARKING BRAKE SYSTEM WITH MAXIMUM HOLDING POWER. Our parking brake lever is placed perfectly to give you the ability to lock your vehicle in place easily on various inclines. Our indicator light will remind you to release your lever before driving off.


The over all ride and drive experience is something you won't believe until you sit in our vehicle and go full throttle. Thanks to your unique 4 corner Landmaster Ride Optimization Suspension System (L-ROSS), and super-sport trailing arm, you'll barely notice the rumble strips, railroad ties, or large rocks you just plowed over. Don't believe it... go test drive one today.




  • Side skirts and fenders provide protection from the outside elements while dampening sounds from motor and road noise.
  • Aggressive front-end look giving the vehicle face a rugged look to reflect its true capabilities.
  • New protected winch mount behind the bumper to protect your winch from debris and other environmental hazards. This new location also frees up your front receiver for additional implements.
  • In addition, our winch comes with an in-dash connector for convenient remote access.
  • New flat roof design great for installing tool racks on top.
  • All new hood emblem, USA logos, metal name plates, and interior decals dress up your UTV to give it a sleek, modern, patriotic appearance.
  • Customize your vehicle with turn signals, horns, LED lights, dome lights, strobe lights, rear flood lights, bed lifts, snow plows, and more with our easy-to-install, accessory packages.


  • Marine-grade vinyl, high density foam contoured seats stay dry, provides all-day-driving comfort, and are built for longevity.
  • Two-tone design metal dash provides a clean, easy to navigate dashboard. Highly durable, highly functional with well-placed controls and room for expanded accessorization.
  • Automotive-grade, waterproof, back-lit switches are built to withstand the outdoor elements and provide superb visibility at night.
  • Easy grip n' lock levers are perfectly positioned, aluminum-grade knobs are light, durable and easy to maneuver. Great when wearing gloves!


  • L-ROSS - (Landmaster Ride Optimization Suspension System) Each UTV is built with the L-ROSS which gives each platform it’s own unique suspension system. This provides optimal performance and allows you to easily glide across large obstacles, carry heavy loads comfortably, make tight turns smoothly, and maneuver over hills safely.
  • 4 WHEEL HYDRAULIC DISC BRAKES Providing industry-leading stopping power.
  • IMPROVED RACK AND PINION GEARING Giving you smoother steering, increased mechanical turning leverage, better control, and added protection with sealed tie rod ends.
  • INCREASED TOP SPEED To get where you need to go quick and fast (available on the L7, L7x). EV has a max speed of 30mph
  • WIDER TRACK WIDTH Providing you and your passengers a more stable, more comfortable ride experience. (Available on the L7, L7x, and EV. Optional on the L5)
  • BUILT WITH ON-DEMAND 4X4 Stay in 4WD-ready mode without tearing up the lawn. (Available on 4x4 vehicles only)
  • BEST IN CLASS COMFORT, PERFORMANCE, AND CAPABILITY IN YOUR SHOCKS Dual-Rate Adjustable Coil-Over-Shocks provide best in class comfort and ride control. The dual rate spring provides optimal comfort without compromising your ride quality even when hauling heavy loads.
  • MORE TRAVEL Front and Rear suspensions systems feature over 8” of travel to tame harsh trails.

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